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Klaus Pichler

According to ChatGPT, “Klaus Pichler is a photographer from Vienna, Austria, known for his conceptual photo series that address environmental and cultural issues. His work often blends irony with a critical perspective, addressing topics such as consumerism, waste, and the impact of human behavior on the environment. Pichler’s style is characterized by a strong visual storytelling approach and his ability to turn ordinary, often overlooked subjects into striking images that spark conversations about important issues. He uses a variety of techniques, including macro photography, still life, and photojournalism, to create images that are characterized by a rich attention to detail, composition, and color“.


1996–2005 Landscape Architecture, University of Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria (Diploma 2005)

since 2005 Freelance Photographer, creating art projects and doing commissions


Klaus Pichler
+43 650 / 824 80 86

ANZENBERGER AGENCY, Vienna (for all media & press related agenda)




2024 ‘Fear guards the lemon grove’, Fw:Books, Amsterdam
2023 ‘A hoax, a prank, an internet scam, an act of agricultural bio-terrorism’, self-published/ Nearest Truth Books
2022 ‘The Petunia Carnage’, self-published
2017  ‘This will change your life forever’, self-published 
2016  ‘Golden Days Before They End’, Edition Patrick Frey, Switzerland
2015 ‘Dust’, Anzenberger Edition, Vienna, Austria
2014 ‘Just the two of us’, self-published
2013 ‘One Third’, Anzenberger Edition, Vienna, Austria
2013 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, self-published
2011 ‘Fürs Leben gezeichnet’, Fotohof edition, Salzburg, Austria
2002 ‘feste feiern’, Bibliothek der Provinz, Weitra, Austria

Solo Exhibitions

2024 (upc.) ‘The Petunia Carnage’, Stadthaus Ulm, Germany
2024 ‘The Petunia Carnage’, Foro Austriaco, Rome, Italy
2023 ‘One Third’, CRAF, Palazzo Tadea, Spilimbergo, Italy
2022 ‘One Third’, United Nations, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 ‘One Third’, Kale Art Center, Instanbul, Turkey      
2021 ‘This will change your life forever’, Stadthaus Ulm, Ulm, Germany    
2019 ‘Self storage’, Museum of Industrial Culture, Moscow, Russia              
2018 ‘One Third’ at Provinciehuis, The Hague, Netherlands                          
2018 ‘Middle Class Utopia’ Galerie Le Carré d’Art, Chartres Bretagne, France
2017 ‘Golden days before they end, AQ Galerija, Celje, Slovenia                  
2017 ‘Golden days before they end’, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia    
2017 ‘This will change your life forever’, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2016 ‘Golden Days’, Kunsthalle Graz, Graz, Austria
2015 ‘Dust’, K2 – Kunsthalle Semriach, Semriach, Austria
2015 ‘Just the two of us’, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2014 ‘Just the two of us’, Austrian Cultural Forum, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014 ‘Just the two of us’, Galerie ROCKELMANN&, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘One Third’, European Economic and Social Forum, Brussels, Belgium
2014 ‘Just the two of us’, Kunsthalle Graz, Graz, Austria
2014 ‘One Third’,House of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014 ‘One Third’, UN FAO Asia Headquarter, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2014 ‘One Third’, Rathausgalerie Graz, Graz, Austria
2013 ‘One Third’, ADEME gallery, Limoges, France
2013 ‘One Third’, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2013 ‘One Third’, The Thief Hotel Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2013 ‘One Third’, EIKON Schaufenster, Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘One Third’, United Nations FAO Headquarter, Rome, Italy
2012 ‘Dust’, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna
2011 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, anika handelt Galerie, Vienna, Austria

Group Exhibitions

2024 ‘Inked for Life’, Cortona Photo Festival, Cortona, Italy
2024 ‘One Third’, Museum Rudolf Stolz, Sexten, Italy
2024 ‘The Petunia Carnage’, Biennale De l’Image Possible, Liege, Belgium
2024 ‘Too close to notice’ in ‘Touch Nature’, Austrian Cultural Forum Prague
2023 ‘Too close to notice’ in ‘Touch Nature’, Austrian Cultural Forum New York
2023 ‘Too close to notice’ in ‘Touch Nature’, Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin
2023 ‘Too close to notice’ in ‘Touch Nature’, Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade
2023 ‘The Petunia Carnage’ at Calabria Photo Festival, Italy
2023 ‘The Petunia Carnage’ at Umweltfototage Zingst, Germany
2023 ‘Middle Class Utopia’ in ‘Of Gardens and People’, National Library Vienna
2023 ‘One Third’ in ‘Touch Nature’, Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava
2023 ‘Too close to notice’ at ‘Flowers Forever’, Kunsthalle München, Germany
2023 ‘One Third’ in ‘Touch Nature’, Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb, Croatia
2022 ‘One Third’ at ‘Mahlzeit!’, Dom Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria
2022 ‘The Petunia Carnage’, Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Greece
2022 ‘This will change…’ at ‘a shop is a shop…’, Kunsthalle Wien, Austria
2022 ‘This will change…’ at Grenze Arsenale Fotografici, Verona, Italy
2022 ‘One Third’ at ‘Horizonte Zingst’ Festival, Zingst, Germany
2022 ‘The Petunia Carnage’ at FOTO WIEN, Vienna, Austria
2021 ‘One Third’ at ‘Touch Nature’, Austrian Cultural Forum Rome, Italy
2021 ‘One Third’ in ‘Wachsende Formen’, Kunstmuseum Heidenheim
2021 ‘This will change your life forever’, Belgrade Photo Month, Serbia    
2021 ‘Golden days before they end’, Fotofestival Nürnberg, Germany
2019 ‘One Third’, Kopernikus Art Centre, Warsaw, Poland
2019 ‘Klasse Kunst’, Landesgalerie Linz, Linz, Austria
2019 ‚Prison’, Musée de Confluences, Lyon, France
2019 ‘This will…’ at Celje Fokus, City Gallery, Celje, Slovenia
2019 ‘Skeletons…’ at ‘Instinct’, Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2019 ‚Another Europe‘, Sibiu City Center, Sibiu, Romania
2019 ‚One Third‘, Krakow Photo Month, Krakow, Poland
2019 ’This will change…’. ‚Real Magic‘, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria
2019 ’This will change…’, Photofestiwal Lodz, Lodz, Poland
2019 ‚Prison‘, Red Cross Museum, Geneve, Switzerland
2019 ‘Gefängnis’, Deutsches Hygienemuseum, Dresden, Germany
2018 ‚Food Revolution 5.0‘, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
2018 ‘photo graz selektion II’, Fotoforum Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
2018 ‘Another Europe’, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, United Kingdom
2018 ‘photo graz selection II’ Galerija Zuccato, Porec, Slovenia
2018 ‘photo graz selection II’, Gradske Galerije, Osijek, Slovenia
2018 ‘Middle Class Utiopia’, Photo London, London, United Kingdom
2018 ‘Just the two…’ in ‘Gut Gespielt’, Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil, Switzerland
2017 ‘Skeletons…’ in ‘Fauna’, Galerie Lichtblick, Cologne, Germany
2017 ‘One Third’, Photo Beijing Festival, Beijing, China
2017 ‘Skeletons…’ in ‘Fauna’, Kolga Tbilisi Photo, MOMA Tbilisi, Georgia
2017 ‘Golden days’, Nuit de’l Anée, Recontres d’Arles, Arles, France
2017 ‘This will change…’, Photofestival Naarden, Naarden, Netherlands
2017 ‘Golden days’, Photofestival Naarden, Naarden, Netherlands
2017 ‘One Third’, Dokhuis Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017 ‘Golden days’, Cortona On The Move photo festival, Cortona, Italy
2017 ‘One Third’ , ‘Food Revolution’, Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg
2016 ‘One Third’ , Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Innsbruck, Austria
2016 ‘Dust’, Photomonat Judenburg, Kunstatelier, Judenburg, Austria
2016 ‘This will change…’, Encontros do Imagem Festival, Braga, Portugal
2016 ‘One Third’, ‘Drap Art Re:NEW Festival’, PPG Place, Pittsburgh, USA
2016 ‘One Third’, ‘Verlassen_Schafft’, Oxymoron Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2016 ‘Middle Class Utopia’, ‘_Schöner Wohnen’, Raabs an der Thaya, Austria
2016 ‘Golden Days’, Angkor Photo Festival, Angkor, Thailand
2016 ‘One Third’, ‘Vestigios’, Galeria Rabieh, Sao Paolo, Brazil
2016 ‘Golden days’, Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
2016 ‚Golden Days‘, Singapore International Photo Festival, Singapore
2016 ‚Golden Days‘ Photonic Moments Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016 ‚Golden Days‘ Istanbul Documentary Photography Days, Turkey
2016 ‚Middle Class…‘, ‚Schöner wohnen‘, Stadtgalerie Baden, Baden, Austria
2016 ‚One Third‘, Tianjin Photo Festival, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, China
2016 ‚Dust‘, ‚Contemporary‘, Galerie Johannes Faber, Vienna, Austria
2016 ‘Just the two of us’, Gradski muzej Vukovar, Vukovar, Croatia
2016 ‘Just the two of us’, Gradske Galerije Osijek, Osijek, Croatia
2016 ‘Just the two of us’, Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 ‘One Third’, Lishui Photo Festival, Lishui, China
2015 ‘Just the two of us’, Centar Ca Culturu, Cakovec, Croatia
2015 ‘Just the two of us’, Delhi Photo Festival, Delhi, India
2015 ‘Early Birds’ Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria
2015 ‘Just the two of us’, Fototage Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany
2015 ‘Fürs Leben…’, ‘Tattoo’, MKG Museum f. Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
2015 ‘Fürs Leben gezeichnet’, Villa a.d. Schwabach, Erlangen, Germany
2015 ‘Dust’, ‘Potential in the ordinary’, ROCKELMANN-&, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘One Third’, DrapArt Gallery, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain
2014 ‘Skeletons in the closet’, ‘Sensorium Festival’, Goa, India
2014 ‘Just the two of us’, ‘Photo_Graz’, Graz, Austria
2014 ‘Just the two…’, ‘Alles Maskerade’, Museum Villa Rot, Germany
2014 ‘Glow in the dark’, ’10 Baustellen’, Kunstraum Werdertorgasse, Vienna
2014 ‘Middle Class…’, ‘Sozialarbeit ohne Menschen’, Galerie am Park, Vienna
2014 ‘One Third’, TempoColor Festival, Les Chiroux Gallery, Liege, Belgium
2014 ‘One Third’, ‘Unframed’, Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna, Austria
2014 ‘Just the two of us’, ‘From the books’, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna
2014 ‘Just the two of us’, Vögele Kultur Zentrum, Pfäffikon, Switzerland
2014 ‘Middle Class Utopia’, ‘Clervaux – cité de l’image’,  Luxembourg
2014 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, ‘Mountainfilm Festival’, Telluride, USA
2014 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, Espace André Malraux, Herblay, France
2014 ‘Skeletons…’, ‘Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs’, Hauptbücherei Wien
2014 ‘One Third’, Fotojatka Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
2014 ‘One Third’ in ‘Pineapples’, Portrait Society Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, USA
2014 ‘Skeletons in the closet’ in ‘Binding image’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013 ‘Fragile’, curated by EIKON, BAWAG Found,ion, Vienna, Austria
2013 ‘Essen in der Kunst’, Kunsthalle Krems, Forum Frohner, Krems, Austria
2013 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, Ti Pi Tin Bookstore, London, United Kingdom
2013 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal
2013 ‘Fürs Leben…’, ‘Tattoo’, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
2013 ‘Dust’ , ‘LEAD AWARD exhibition, Haus der Photographie, Hamburg,
2013 ‘One Third’, ‘Food’, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, USA
2013 ‘Hohe Dosis.’, Fotohof & Atterseehalle, Salzburg, Austria
2013 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, Fotofestiwal Lodz, Lodz, Poland
2013 ‘Skeletons…’, Fotografia Europea Festival, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2013 ‘One Third’, The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK
2013 ‘Fürs Leben…’, ‘gestochen scharf.’, Museum Villa Rot, Germany
2013 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, FetArt Circulations Festival, Paris, France
2012 ‘ANEW’, United Photo Industries Gallery, New York, USA
2012 ‘Selected ::: Austrian Photography’, Galerie 33, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘Just the…’, ‘photo_graz Selection 012′, ESC im LABOR, Graz, Austria
2012 ‘Dust’, Galerie am Lobkowitzplatz, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘One Third’, St. Leopold Friedenspreis, Stift Klosterneuburg, Austria
2012 ‘Lodz in Vienna’, Galerie dasviadukt, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘review – preview’, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘Still Life’, Black Box Gallery, Portland, USA
2012 ‘Simple, Houston International Centre for Photography, Houston, USA
2012 ‘WestLicht Photo Auktion’, Galerie WestLicht, Wien Österreich
2012 ‘Just the…’, ‘Kuala Lumpur Photo Award’, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2012 ‘Dust’ , We Bandits, Brick 5, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘Dust’, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘Travel’, Hotel Villa Kastania, Berlin, Germany
2012 ‘Skeletons…’, ‘Austrian Photography’, Fotohof Galerie, Salzburg, Austria
2012 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, Photo LA, Los Angeles, USA
2011 ‘Fürs Leben gezeichnet’, galerie OPEN, Berlin, Germany
2011 ‘Form Life’, Die Ausstellungsstrasse Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2011 ‘Pichler/Stöbich. Bilder’, Ragnarhof, Vienna, Austria
2011 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India
2011 ‘Middle Class Utopia’, galerie OPEN, Berlin, Germany
2011 ‘Dust’, CHIC Art Fair, Paris, France
2011 ‘Kaunas Photo Festival’, Kaunas, Lithuania
2011 ‘Skeletons…’, Belfast Photo Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2011 ‘Skeletons…’, ‘Voies Off’ Festival, Arles, France
2011 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, APA Objektiv, Metropol, Vienna, Austria
2011 ‘Whose self-portrait?’, Joy Wai Gallery, New York, USA
2011 ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, PA Award, Teplice, Czech Republic
2011 ‘Provocaion’ Exhibition, New York Photo Festival, New York, USA
2011 ‘Etchings’, a story of your life Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2010 ‘Selected Works, Teenitus Festival, Erfurt, Germany


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Klaus Pichler Fotografie
DI Klaus Pichler, Berufsfotograf (Vollgewerbe)
Ziegelofengasse 29
1050 Wien
+43 650 824 80 86
UID: ATU 65633139
Wirtschaftskammer Wien
EORI: ATEOS10000056369

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