Just the two of us


Who hasn’t had the desire just to become someone else for a while? Dressing up is a way of creating an alter ego and a second skin which one’s behaviour can be adjusted to. Regardless of the motivating factors which cause somebody to acquire a costume, the main principle remains the same: the civilian steps behind the mask and turns into somebody else. For this photo series I visited owners of elaborate costumes in their own homes. As a matter of fact, ‘just the two of us’ deals with both: the costumes and the people behind them.

Photo book, self-published, 2014

Photos by Klaus Pichler, Text by Klaus Pichler.

Graphic design by Roland Hörmann/ phospho.at

Leporello, handmade, 645cm folded to 38 pages, hardbound, black cardboard cover with silver-metallic hot foil stamping, 26×16.6cm (open: 26x645cm), 38 images, printed on Munken uncoated paper. Written in english.

Limited to 500 hand numbered copies.
€ 35,- plus postage